Registration: Principles of Detoxification - withdrawal management module 4 - Online Video

Location: Online
Presenter: Erin Kinard, MS, NCC, LCADC

Principles of Detoxification Module 4 requires you to be trained by a registered nurse on how to take a patient's vital signs using the blood pressure cuff to determine the client's blood pressure, how to take a patient's temperature, and how to take a patient's pulse and respiratory rate. When the hands-on the training is complete, please complete the Vital Authorization form (attached to this training) and return it to CASAT by: fax (775-204-9356), mail (1664 N. Virginia Street, Mail Stop279, Reno, NV 89557, Attn: CASAT Training), or email ( The form must include your name and the date of the training, the nurse's credentials and signature, and the signature of a supervisor. When this statement is received in the CASAT office, and all of the other modules 1-3 have been completed, you will receive a certificate of completion for Principles of Detoxification modules 1-4.

Note: There are 4 modules in this course. You must register and complete each module separately. You will receive a certificate of completion for the entire 4 modules once they have all been completed and the completed vitals vertifaction form has been recieved by CASAT Training. There is no longer a certificate for each module. 

Continuing Education Hours: 2 CEUs

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